I have been drawing (with an intent to get better) for four years
I am posting my finished works here
. For the most part, new
works will be lower, and old ones up top.
Later, I'll separate them into categories. Until then, you can view
them here.

And yes.  I have two water marks.

I know I shouldn't be - but I'm paranoid about art thieves. Until
I get an account at DA or something; I don't think I will post
anything without a watermark.
The pictures above and below are my versions of the pictures for
"Butterfly on My Right Shoulder"     Youtube it, and enjoy the originals!
This is the official picture for MELT by Hatsune Miku.    Now it looks like Zatsune Miku!
I only changed the colors.  The credit goes to the artist... whose name I do not know! DX