My book
Journal of a knight
Chapter 2

"Aim at the men and fire at will !"
"Yes sir , fire at will !"
Cannons fired, men yelled, then a Du'Ratha ship got boarded soon sword clashed,
arrows fired
"The ship has been taken"
"Use a boat and tell the other ships to take a Du'Ratha ship so then we will have some
new toys"
"Yes sir"
The battle raged on, an hour later
"Sir the ship Harcicses has been destroyed we'll be killed"
"Keep firing I would rather die fighting then sitting here, Fire!
Cannons shot ships got hit men died ships sank Axonn's troops nearly lost all hope and
then one of the ship stop firing that gave Axonn's troops the time to sink the ship.
Soon there was the last shot was shot and they had won!
Cheers roared over the smoke Axonn knew he had faith in his men and he knew they will
win any fight with faith with them.
When the men returned Axonn held a ceremony and he gave a speech
"In honor of these men we lived through this battle and in honor I give this Lt. The
meddle of honor and these brave men each with the steel sword of courage and let the
lord of Kalak protect these men as they did us.
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