My book
My book is what I'm writing
and tis page is what I'll put
it on so you can read my
Journal of a knight
chapter one
The begging
The seagulls squawk, the wind blows, ships sail, suddenly a fight starts it ends soon
after it starts the birds know, Axonn is here.
Axonn is the best knight in all of Maraca and with his knights THE AX is the best
knight clan ever to rule the land and if any one is to cross them they will pay with death.

It was a peaceful day the sun was shining brightly.
"Sir are supply ships are docking now."
"good we need food the men are hungry."
"And Sir the cannons, arrows, swords, metal, and 50 recruits  are here."
"good we need some recruits."
"Why may I ask, Sir."
"If a war brakes out the king will ask us to fight and you know we are the best knights in
the known land."
"Yes Sir I know that."
"get the recruits here and show them there rooms , my friend."
"Yes Sir."
The men got there rooms, they got trained for the next few days then the guard saw
Du'Ratha ships they sent a boat to tell the training ships and then a man said
"Men let's crush them!"
soon the ships surrounded the Du'Ratha ships and then the word shot out
"Ta'ca"    (ta'ca means attack)
Men shot crossbows and arrows cannons shot.
"The Du'Ratha are getting there men ready"
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