Dana's Music
This is the music section, where I put my music.
Me? I LOVE music. Me and my friend have been
thinking about starting a band.  But I've been
writing music before that.
I think, and many would agree, that music is a
great way to express yourself (just, careful on the
When you turn on the radio, who do you listen to? When I decide to tune in I
hear a (very) wide variety of songs.  I also get songs from my friends.
Lately, I've been searching YouTube and Google for songs. Great sites.

Because I listen to so much music I like, and even music I don't like, I get
inspiration for my songs.  
One of the things to remember is songs tell either a story, or express feelings.
The majority of songs have a mix of both.

The first step to any song: don't try.
OK, time to pull out the ear plugs.  
Yes, you heard me right, DON'T TRY.   If you try to make a song, you will
succeed, but your imagination will be limited. If you don't try and just start to
hum whatever comes to mind, your song will sound much better.

The rules that, in my mind, come to a tie: NEVER edit a song, make copies and
change the copies to experiment, but NEVER WHAT SO EVER change the
original song.    AND:
NEVER let ANYONE, ANY THOUGHT, ANYTHING, keep you from singing or
tell you that your song is stupid (dumb, non-sense, etc...).