DRAWING! Introduction

There are lots of different ways to draw. I
particularly like Manga (sounds like: man-gah.) and
Anime (sounds like:
Annie-May). It's fun and easy to
draw, and there are so many possibilities.  
It ranges
everywhere to super-simplified, to almost realistic.

Anime and Manga seem to be very popular recently.
It's not as expensive to create cartoons over in the
East as it has been in America.
But that's only one of the reasons. I'm not too sure
of all of them, but many of you have already watched
some now popular series drawn in Anime.
DragonBall Z, Yu-Gi-Yo, Duel Masters and Naruto,
to name a few.
 (Not that I watch these mind you...)

It was, for a while, the only art 'style' I wanted to
draw in.
And then I found   
I was exposed to other peoples styles. Tutorials and
pictures were suddenly available.   It blew my mind,
as basically a new world opened up to me.
Now, I am trying to find my own style.  It's been fun.

Anime and Manga

There are many people in the world who draw Manga and
Anime, who are and aren't Japanese, and many of them have
written books, too.
Manga for Dummies
The Complete Idiots Guide to Drawing Manga
The Ultimate Manga Lessons
How To Draw Manga (series)

Christopher Hart writes a series of How to Draw books. His
are good for kids and beginners.

But it's important to get exposure.  Read manga, watch anime,
look at other peoples art;  you will not be disappointed.
I make reference to

Check out these artists!